Love, Croquet, Books, Fishing

There are so many things going on this weekend in Annapolis, it is hard to know where to begin. The start photo of today’s blog is specific to the subject of croquet as the traditional St. Johnies vs. The Mids from the U.S. Naval Academy willl take place on the lawn of historic St. John’sContinue reading “Love, Croquet, Books, Fishing”

Annapolis Theater Notes and Thoughts

The play Mauritus deals with some serious stuff— themes that include abusive relationships, sibling rivalry and greed.

Annapolis Idol Winner Chosen!

Congratulations to Cat Stratakis the 2010 Winner of Annapolis Idol! Cat was selected by the audience in last night’s Annapolis Idol contest after making it to the finals. A confident performer, she won the recent WRNR singing contest and sings with the band Rhythm Method. She is very serious about pursuing a singing /songwriting careerContinue reading “Annapolis Idol Winner Chosen!”

Annapolis Idol Contest Supports AACRC

Next weekend (March 7th), consider attending Annapolis Idol, a fundraising event for the Anne Arundel Conflict Resolution Center. It’s a fun Sunday evening, where the audience helps select this year’s Annapolis Idol, based on their vocal performance. I’ve been attending for the past two years and this year I’m one of the celebrity judges alongContinue reading “Annapolis Idol Contest Supports AACRC”