Blue Skies Today in Annapolis

Another beautiful unseasonably warm day in Annapolis and a Sunday morning means plenty of time for a long walk. First to pick up a cup of coffee and then down to the end of the dock to gaze at the water and look across to Eastport and the U.S.Naval Academy. Fortunately, this morning I rememberedContinue reading “Blue Skies Today in Annapolis”

Annapolis Boat Show Weekend

Today, tomorrow, and the next day it would be wise to steer clear of downtown Annapolis unless you are planning to attend the Boat Show. But wait, I live almost downtown. I’m already here in the midst of the hustle and bustle of exhibitors marketing their wares and tourists wanting to tour the latest andContinue reading “Annapolis Boat Show Weekend”

Why I’m Not Sad the Blue Angels Are Cancelled

Yes I know many of my friends, neighbors, and colleagues–are disappointed. No Blue Angels air show this year to commemorate the U.S. Naval Academy Graduation. But then they don’t live downtown and own a dog, a golden retriever, who is afraid of thunder and the Blue Angels do sound a lot like thunder only aContinue reading “Why I’m Not Sad the Blue Angels Are Cancelled”

Glamorous Hats, Croquet, and May Baskets

It’s a weekend for wearing a hat. If you are a fan of William and Kate, you’ll be awake and seated in front of your TV at 6:00 a.m. in time to watch the royal wedding and if you don’t want to miss any of the festivities, you’ll have turned on your TV at 3:30Continue reading “Glamorous Hats, Croquet, and May Baskets”

First Sunday Annapolis Festival on West Street

These pictures were taken by my daughter, Alex Crilly, who walked down West Street to check out the monthly first Sunday Festival on West Street in Downtown Annapolis. As you can see, everyone was having a great time with the music, food, dancing, and shopping. Thank you Alex!

Annapolis During Commissioning Week

New residents have popped up all around my neighborhood along with out-of-state license plates on unfamiliar cars and congratulatory banners and signs posted on house railings and atop porticoes. It is after all, commissioning week, time to brace myself for the thundering sounds overhead of the Blue Angels. The noise makes my dog Grace,a goldenContinue reading “Annapolis During Commissioning Week”

Saturday is the Day to Sleep Late

You know you’ve slept in when you walk downtown in the morning and some of the shops are starting to open! What a luxury, for someone who is accustomed to leaving the house at 6:30 a.m. every morning with coffee money in one pocket and dog treats and plastic “pick-up” bags in the other, toContinue reading “Saturday is the Day to Sleep Late”