Halloween Fun in Annapolis 2010 Costume Current Events

Today is officially Halloween, but I celebrated what has become one of my favorite holidays, last night with my husband Peter Crilly and friends Catherine and Eric Davidson. What fun to see all the crazy and creative costumes folks had created in an attempt to win a prize at one of the downtown Annapolis bars.Continue reading “Halloween Fun in Annapolis 2010 Costume Current Events”

Annapolis Idol Winner Chosen!

Congratulations to Cat Stratakis the 2010 Winner of Annapolis Idol! Cat was selected by the audience in last night’s Annapolis Idol contest after making it to the finals. A confident performer, she won the recent WRNR singing contest and sings with the band Rhythm Method. She is very serious about pursuing a singing /songwriting careerContinue reading “Annapolis Idol Winner Chosen!”