High in the Andes Mountains of Peru the Number Three Has Many Meanings

I hold three crisp green Coca leaves…messages delivered to the fabric of the universe….

The Sacred Valley approaching Mlantaytambo
The Sacred Valley approaching Ollantaytambo

The Power of Three


I hold three crisp green Coca leaves

Arrange carefully their graceful elongated shapes

Admiring the small bouquet

An offering, grasped between my thumb and two fingers.


The chime of the bell signals it’s time

To inhale and expel three breaths imbued with my intentions

One for the underground snake

One for the prowling puma

One for the condor in the clouds.


Bits of fluffy cotton ask for rain

Sugar candy begs for a sweet life

Quinoa for sustenance and strength.

We sprinkle many things and make our requests

On the cloth of our existence

Creating a small bundle to be buried or burned

Messages delivered to the fabric of the universe.


Our demands are great.

Our offerings small.

The lack of balance spins the circle around

Creating a never ending spiral

Propelling us to repeat the journey

Humans on a spinning top, likely to fall from grace.


An altar placed within a church where once a temple stood

A holy place filled with memories and dreams

The trinity of life; past, present and future

The father, the son the Holy Ghost

The sun, the moon, the stars

The father, the mother, and the child

The three points of the triangle, a mountain stretching towards the sky.


We reach for the heavens

Forgetting to embrace the present

We stumble and repeat past mistakes

Searching for the answers

Trying to find our way back home.

______Nadja Maril   1/27/2015

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Love, Croquet, Books, Fishing

There are so many things going on this weekend in Annapolis, it is hard to know where to begin. The start photo of today’s blog is specific to the subject of croquet as the traditional St. Johnies vs. The Mids from the U.S. Naval Academy willl take place on the lawn of historic St. John’s College in Annapolis Saturday April 17th. Pack a picnic, wear a festive hat, and bring a blanket or lawn chair to comfortably sit back and watch the action. For more details about the event go to http://www.StJohnscollege.edu

Last week was the opening of Baseball Season and this week is the opening of flounder and rockfish season. (A summer New Englander, I prefer to call those beauties striped bass, but that is another story)
On Saturday, April 17, 2010 you’ll want to attend the
9th Annual Opening Day Rockfish Tournament, a
catch and release tournament with 150 boats. The event benefits the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Coastal Conservation Association of Maryland, and Annapolis Police Department Youth Fishing Camp. Fish measure in – in line by 4:30 p.m. sharp, party 4 – 8 p.m., awards 5:30 p.m. Live music, catering by the Boatyard Bar & Grill. Fish the Chesapeake Bay, with party to follow at the Boatyard Bar and Grill, Annapolis. Boats are out at first light. www.boatyardbarandgrill.com/fishing_tournament.shtml. 410-216-6206.
Now of course, before the fishing and the croquet, there are lots of opportunities to get in a romantic mood with the Annapolis in Love special weekend that begins tonight. Many streets will be renamed in honor of the occasion, so take a stroll down Lover’s Lane. Friday night bring your dog to the Loew’s Hotel Weather Rail and share with other’s why you love walking your dog in downtown Annapolis. Monies raised will go to local pet oriented charities. Learn about all the various events that linclude cruises, dancing, red roses, and a silent auction to benefit the American Heart Association.
While your on our site, read some of the love stories readers have shared with us! The photo posted is of Lisa Helgerman and her Severna Park High school sweetheart. Read the tale of how the two reconnected years later after losing touch. Learn about more of what’s going on in the Chesapeake Region at WhatsUpMag.com
And one more thing I almost forgot is the 8th Annual Book Festival at the Key School. Many prominent regional and nationally recognized authors will be on hand for panel discussions and book signings. For specific directions and schedule of the activities that commence at 11;00 A.M. The site address is www.Keyschool.org This is a great event for children as well as adults.

Annapolis and Politics

There’s an elephant in the room. Or maybe it’s a donkey. This is not supposed to be a political blog but politics have been weighing heavily on my mind. One thing I’ve been noticing is that due to the intense feelings surrounding the Presidential race, (pollsters tell us that in this election Americans feel very strongly about their preferred candidate), no one is talking directly about whom they are voting for and why, unless they are feel certain like-minded people surround them.
So a Barrack Obama for President headquarters opened up on West Street across from Park Place and a week or so later I noticed very large McCain Palin signs posted on the fence next door to the Democratic headquarters. A few days later a number of those signs were torn down. In another part of the neighborhood near the water where an Obama sign is posted on a fence, at the neighboring home next door a large hand made sign says “Republican Ducks Feed Here.” The lines are clearly drawn. Who is the victor remains to be seen, but whatever your views, I urge you to seriously study all the issues and on election day, vote. To provide a little assistance, What’s Up Annapolis and What’s Up? Eastern Shore will be providing a voter guide for the upcoming local election in our November issue. Visit www. WhatsUpMag.com

Annapolis or Marco Island? Which is Hotter?

It's prettier in a picture.
It’s prettier in a picture.

We’ve been experiencing quite a heat wave here in Annapolis, Maryland. Hot sticky days and warm damp evenings make most of us seek out the comfort of air conditioned buildings. But my recent visit to Southern Florida has had the affect of making me think Annapolis in summer is not so bad, following the old adage it could always be worse!

Not that I didn’t have fun in Florida. I was on vacation, accompanyinig my husband Peter on a business trip, but for the very first time in my life I used up an entire tube of sunblock in less than a week. That’s how intense the sun was, pretty scary.
To avoid too much sun I did my beachcombing and swimming in the morning before 10:00 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m. The ocean water was downright, warm, like bathwater.
One of my favorite places I visited on this trip was the summer home of Thomas Alva Edison, located right next to the summer home of Henry Ford in Fr. Myers.
It was actually a revisit, as I spent quite some time there 21 years ago while researching information for my first book on antique lamps, “American Lighting 1840-1940.”  One of my favorite stories I remember from my last visit was the guide telling us how Edison would sit at the end of his very long pier pretending to fish, just to have some time to himself.  This visit I heard  the story of how Edison was so obsessed with his research on developing a form of synthetic rubber that he’d work straight through the night and into the next day, falling asleep in his lab. Now that’s being obsessed with your work!
Edison had so many different ideas, from the toaster and waffle iron to the electric pen, phonograph, and movie camera. And now his idea for a rechargeable battery for the automobile just might be part of the solution towards energy conservation.
Air conditioning was not one of his inventions, I don’t think? What did they do in Florida at the end of the 19th century without it?
At any rate, Annapolis is refreshingly cool at least in the early morning. It’s good to be home.
There are some wonderful activities and fun things to do on the Southwestern Florida coast. As soon as I recover the photos off my camera, I’ll be posting a story on the www.WhatsUpMag.com website. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the latest complete calendar of events for Annapolis and Maryland’s Eastern Shore, www.WhatsUpMag.com is the place to visit!

Connecting With Community

What are they doing? It’s the 2008 Flagship Class of Leadership Anne Arundel doing a few stretches before starting a dance class.

Members of the Leadership Class 2008 stretching for a dance class

It’s been a very rainy week and all week long I’ve been worrying and asking the fates, “Will it rain on Saturday?”
Saturday was Customer Appreciation Day at the Peter B. Crilly Nationwide Insurance Agency  in Annapolis. My husband Peter had scheduled a Moon Bounce, Satellite Glass was set to do free glass repair to damaged windshields and he’d bought lots and lots of food for a barbecue buffet.
The wind was blowing hard but the sun was shining. Associate Agents Kathy Gascon, Pamela Lewis, and Debbie Whittaker worked late Customers enjoying the lunch buffet

into the night making baked beans, macaroni salad, potato salad, and cole slaw. One of the customers brought home baked brownies. Fellow Nationwide agent Ed Owens and his wife Sharon were flipping burgers and hot dogs.
Our daughter Alex set up a face painting table and painted butterflies, footballs, kitty cats, and polka dots on the faces and forearms of at least 35 children. Debbie’s husband Chip volunteered to have a Nationwide symbol painted on his head. Over 125 people came by to enjoy the party. All I had to do was stand behind the tables and serve up the side dishes.
      My other “extra-curricular” project for the week, Leadership Anne Arundel Cultural Arts Day, was not quite a stress free—being an entire day of activities, but all went well. LAA  for those who are not familiar, is a program that mentors emerging leaders in the corporate, volunteer, and political sectors of Anne Arundel County by teaching them about some of the primary infrastructures—health & human services, education, criminal justice, government, environment, economics, the arts and how they are related to each other in a variety of ways. The flagship program, which I participated and graduated from in 2002, is a nine month program that requires a commitment of one to two days per month plus additional time for “homework” and the development of a community leadership project that you create and execute with some of your classmates. I have continued to volunteer with the program as a chair of Cultural Arts Day, the day that puts the focus on the arts and local history.
        This year my Co-Chair was David Jones, former Executive Director of the Chesapeake Arts Center and we worked with Davina Hill, the current CAC Executive Director, April Nynan Executive Director of the Arts Council and Linnell Bowen Executive Director of Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts to formulate a day that included artists workshops, round table discussions with some of the forty plus non-profit county arts groups, and culminated with a viewing “Pip and Zastrow” the local documentary film released earlier this year about the relationship between former Mayor Pip Moyer and retired Staunton Center Director Zastrow Simms. And it just so happened to be Zastrow’s birthday so we sang “Happy Birthday”.
         LAA participants learned drumming, drama, ceramics, dancing, and painting. Opening remarks from Lee Streby President and Executive Director of the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra kicked off the morning activities and the day ended with creative presentations from the ‘Core Learning Teams” (a term you’ll just have to learn about if you take the course) sharing what they’ve learned about the county and themselves with their classmates.
Of course I can’t blog about what we’ve been working on at What’s Up? Publishing because then I’d be revealing our plans for the July/August, September, and October issues but we’ve got some great articles in the works plus new items every day on our website http://www.WhatsUpMag.com. If you have suggestions, send your comments. Thank you for reading.


Women, Song, Mother’s Day, and More

If you’re casting about for something to do with your Mom on Mother’s Day and she happens to love musicals and strong women, take her to see Vanishing Point. There’s only one more show left, Sunday afternoon May llth at the Annapolis Unitarian Universalist Church, a production of the Dignity Players and directed by Mickey Handwerger with music direction by Mark Hildebrand. The story is about three famous women who vanished—Amelia Earhart, Sister Aimee , and Agatha Christie. Or did they? Agatha Christie, one of my favorite early 20th century mystery writers vanished for eleven days in 1926. That same year evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson vanished for three weeks. In 1937 Amelia Earhart set out to fly around the world and disappeared on the last leg of her journey over the Pacific Ocean near Howland Island. How are their three disappearances linked?
All three actresses—Margaret Allman as Agatha Christie, Wendy Baird as Aimee Semple McPherson, Sheri Kuznicki as Amelia Earhart have lovely voices and incredible stamina as they perform this intense story that draws on historical record and the authors’ imagination.
Also opening this weekend is The Goat Or, Who is Sylvia by Edward ,Albee Winner of the 2002 Tony Award at the Bay Theatre Company in Annapolis directed by Lucinda Merry Browne., if you attend this Friday there is a Pre-Show reception.
Over at the Colonial Players in Annapolis is Hauptmann and you can read my review in the “Entertainment Blog” on the WhatsUpMag.com website.
And if you want to make a visit to Baltimore, The Color Purple is playing at The Hippodrome through May 18th and is excellent. Leading actress Jeanette Bayardelle has a phenomenal voice. While I loved the movie, the staged musical is completely different, equally as poignant and uplifting in a different way.
Yes, I am a theater junkie. Good live theater is inspiring and we have plenty of great opportunities to see a wide variety of plays within a small geographic area.
The May baskets around town are starting to wilt and fade, but many colorful azaleas and tulips are brightening up the Annapolis Historic District. My favorite time to walk downtown Annapolis is early morning, before it gets too crowded, but for those of you who may live further away, next time you’re planning a trip to your favorite downtown restaurant allow some time to stroll. Spring is a great time to soak up the local scenery.