What Does a Mote Spoon and a Red Violin Have To Do With Creativity?

This year’s AWP ( Association of Writers and Writing Programs) conference was held in Seattle, Washington and it ran from Thursday March 8th through Saturday March 11th. Even though I wasn’t there, I felt like I was, because my email box kept filling up with notices pertaining to everything that was going on: workshops, readings,Continue reading “What Does a Mote Spoon and a Red Violin Have To Do With Creativity?”

Bringing Up Baby. What’s Changed for 2022.

New words and vocabulary reflect some of the changes in 21st Century infant care.

London Town Public House and Garden: admiring the garden! Just a hop ,skip,and a jump away from Annapolis this is a lovely spot to visit.

While the gardens are beautiful, in this heat you’ll want to go inside and check out their  air conditioned Visitor’s Center and brand new exhibit.

Oldest House in Annapolis?

The Sands House: One of the Oldest Homes in Annapolis Nadja Maril Inspired by her family home, writer Ann Jensen creates new ways to share history It’s easy to walk right past the Sands House, with its pale-yellow clapboard siding, gambrel roof, and red trim, and not notice the special green plaque identifying it asContinue reading “Oldest House in Annapolis?”

Shaker Everyday Items Works of Art

Currently on exhibit at the Elizabeth Myers Mitchell Gallery at St John’s College in Annapolis is a wonderful exhibit composed of items from the Faith and Edward Deming Andrew’s Collection of Shaker objects. The exhibit is called “Gathering up the Fragments: The Andrews Shaker Collection” and due to the wide variety of items that include:Continue reading “Shaker Everyday Items Works of Art”

Picking Through the Trash for Treasures

It is bulk trash time again in my Annapolis neighborhood. Every time I go walking I have to look and see what items are lined up on the side of the road. It is a compulsion. Maybe there is a hidden treasure out there that someone is mistakenly throwing away. One year we picked upContinue reading “Picking Through the Trash for Treasures”

The Art Form of The Book

In one of my alternate fantasies of a parallel career, I see myself owning a large but cozy bookstore, filled with old, beautiful, and unusual books. I sit at the front desk with my fragrant cup of hot tea (of course we give away free cups of coffee, tea, and hot cocoa to our customers)Continue reading “The Art Form of The Book”

Yard Sale Season Has Arrived!

Finally, some sunny skies and I just received word that Shady Side is planning a huge yard sale, encompassing the entire peninsula, the last Saturday of the month on April 30th. Mark your calendars if you are a yard sale junkie ie. love bargains. There is sure to be plenty to stop and see. SponsoredContinue reading “Yard Sale Season Has Arrived!”

Annapolis Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you already know I try to walk downtown to the Annapolis City Dock everyday, so yes I do know where the lovely victorian piece of glass pictured above is located, however if you check out the 24 other photos on the web posted by the AnnapolisContinue reading “Annapolis Scavenger Hunt”

Annapolis Theater Notes and Thoughts

The play Mauritus deals with some serious stuff— themes that include abusive relationships, sibling rivalry and greed.

iPad a Boon for Publishing

Yes, I know I am slightly prejudiced when it comes to Apple products, being the proud owner of an iPhone, iPod, plus the iMac on my desk at home and the Apple laptop for traveling…but I feel compelled to blog briefly about the news about the newest Apple gadget, the iPad– if only to counteractContinue reading “iPad a Boon for Publishing”

And the Winner is….

The news was not readily available in the newspaper this morning. The race was too close. Who would have thought that despite all the money invested in colorful glossy flyers, multiple mailings, and email blasts coupled with the rallies and visits by multitudes of campaign supporters standing on street corners waving signs that one ofContinue reading “And the Winner is….”

The Race for Annapolis Mayor Narrows

I picked up the newspaper this morning and learned that fellow Ward One resident, Gilbert Renault has dropped out of the race and has now endorsed Trudy McFall. Last night I was chatting with another Annapolis resident, and like myself, she is also in a quandary as to who she will ultimately vote for onContinue reading “The Race for Annapolis Mayor Narrows”

Annapolis or Marco Island? Which is Hotter?

It’s prettier in a picture. We’ve been experiencing quite a heat wave here in Annapolis, Maryland. Hot sticky days and warm damp evenings make most of us seek out the comfort of air conditioned buildings. But my recent visit to Southern Florida has had the affect of making me think Annapolis in summer is notContinue reading “Annapolis or Marco Island? Which is Hotter?”

Selling Your Antique Oriental Rug?

Several readers of What’s Up? Magazines have sent me emails asking for further help on identifying and appraising their oriental rugs. The following letter is one of several that have come in during the past three months. Dear Nadja, I read your excellent article in What’s Up? (Apr 2008) and was inspired to research further,Continue reading “Selling Your Antique Oriental Rug?”