Poetry on a Cape Cod Beach

Long Nook Beach in Truro
Long Nook Beach in Truro

Easter weekend on Cape Cod, walking on a windy beach, the sun shining in your face. It can’t get much better than this!

Patterns on the Beach

Shapes that look like fish bones

Pressed into the wet sand

The impressions of undulating waves

A thumbprint of the sea.

I walk along the ocean’s edge

at Long Nook Beach and try not to get my shoes wet.

It’s too cold to take them off.

The wind at the top of the cliffs is strong

Strong enough to lift a parasail glider and suspend him

High above the beach with the tall cliffs at his back.

We admire him and the view he must have

Looking down on the sand bars and rippling water below

Seeing from a distance

the water’s patterns in the sand.

Sand closeupselfie



Where are these beautiful Rhododendrons?


If you guessed somewhere in New England, you’re getting warm. These photographs were taken near Corn Hill in the woods of Truro on Cape Cod.

Truro a Place for Long Walks and Reflection

It was chilly last weekend on Cape Cod but the sky was a brilliant blue, and being a magazine editor I’ve grown to appreciate skies. The photograph above shows a portion of the wetlands adjacent to the Pamet River at low tide.

What I really enjoy about visiting the Lower Cape in the off-season is the quiet. Taking a walk along a trail that threads the edge of the wetlands, all I could hear were the sounds of birds calling back and forth to one another. Combined with the clean air (so different from our region of Maryland where pollution becomes trapped in an extended valley of sorts) I felt relaxed and invigorated. It was a welcome respite after the mad dashes with deadlines.

Not much is open in Provincetown, Truro, or Wellfleet in March but we did find a few places. Ciro and Sals in Provincetown, where I hostessed the summer between high school and college is open on the weekends year-round and still serves wonderful Italian cuisine. And there is a new chef (well actually he has been there two years) at the Bookstore Restaurant in Wellfleet and we had a fine dinner there.

Meanwhile, back here in Annapolis it is planting season as I try to work on the garden this Easter/Passover weekend and celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary. Yes, Peter and I have been married 20 years come the 17th of the month but were married on Good Friday and the first night of Passover so I consider today to be our anniversary.

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Have a good weekend. And enjoy another photo….