Why Senators Graham and McConnell Should Care if Their Actions Are Fair

According to recent poll conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post on September 25th, 57% of the American public would like the new Justice selected after the election.

Geese, Rain, and Swimming Pools

It’s that time of year when large flocks of Canadian Geese arrive. It is amazing to see a huge flock take over a field. They are beautiful birds. They probably like all the mud and puddles that have taken over our landscape Speaking of landscape, over the weekend I attended the annual Parole Rotary ClubContinue reading “Geese, Rain, and Swimming Pools”

Smoking and Grilling This Weekend

With names like: JD’s Smokin Misfits, Fat Guys in a Little Smoke, Porkers in Paradise and Swine Dining, it sounds like the various teams competing in the Naptown BarBayQue being produced by the Parole Rotary Club this weekend and tomorrow at the U.S. Naval Academy Stadium are pretty serious competitors! All that creative cooking energyContinue reading “Smoking and Grilling This Weekend”