Missing: A Fugitive on the Run. Storytelling from Multiple Perspectives.

Breaking News. Man charged with white collar crimes elects not to board plane to Maryland for his arraignment. Police search his Florida home. Wife claims no knowledge of his whereabouts. Where is he? The news story captures my imagination. Where is Roy McGrath, former Chief of Staff to former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, hiding? IContinue reading “Missing: A Fugitive on the Run. Storytelling from Multiple Perspectives.”

Farewell to Blob’s Park; A Baltimore Legend and Annapolis Favorite Hang-out

Blob’s Park is closing in less than one month.   And I for one am going to miss its unique attributes. Where else could you go to get authentic German food, listen to live music, go waltzing across a dance floor and feel as if you’d stepped back in time to the 1960s?  In recent years,Continue reading “Farewell to Blob’s Park; A Baltimore Legend and Annapolis Favorite Hang-out”

Voting day in Annapolis

Lines are long. Finding a place to park is a challenge at the Bates Middle School voting poll.length of wait? It could be an hour or two! Stay posted. Good news. It only took 40 minutes. People were in good spirits when they were finished.  So now I get to wear a sticker on myContinue reading “Voting day in Annapolis”

Annapolis West Street Sculpture Solicits Comments

Three finalists have been selected by the City of Annapolis to create a sculpture that will be installed at Westgate Circle. Located at the convergence of Taylor Avenue, Spa Avenue, and West Street; this is a major gateway point into the city. It is wonderful that the city has chosen to invest un the “ArtContinue reading “Annapolis West Street Sculpture Solicits Comments”

Maryland’s Future? A Positive Outlook from Annapolis Leaders

As someone who was sifting through the audience questions posed by those attending last night’s Annapolis Forum featuring Speaker of the House Michael Busch and Senate President Michael Miller, I can confidently state that most of the people present were primarily concerned about the economy and business, particularly small business. Limited to only one hourContinue reading “Maryland’s Future? A Positive Outlook from Annapolis Leaders”

The Votes Are In and the Election is Over!

What a relief. The longest presidential campaign in history has come to an end and history has indeed been made! The early voting amendment did pass as did the referendum to allow slots in Maryland. Forty percent of those slot machines are slated to go into Anne Arundel County. Check out the upcoming issues ofContinue reading “The Votes Are In and the Election is Over!”