Keep Me Posted- Short Story Published

No one ever dies on Facebook or do they?


I’ve been away from the computer for several weeks. Just back from China with my husband Peter celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.  This photo shows me standing by the Yangtze River.  Catching up on publishing news after my return, I can share that my short story “Keep Me Posted” is now online in the April issue of the Scarlet Leaf Review. Here is the link. If you have comments, please share them on the magazine website. Thank you!

Just back from China



We made a deal, my husband and I. No television, internet, email, ipod or anything electronic for an entire day—yesterday.  That was Saturday and I had a great time, I did use my car to drive to the library and the grocery story, but that enabled me to check out some books and replenish our pantry.

It was a day for reading and fussing over a home-cooked meal.

I took a walk, refusing to wear a watch because what did it matter what time it was. I had no place I had to go. No particular plans.  I sat and day dreamed planning  out some stories I’d like to write. Playing with ideas in my head of how best to create a story I’ve been thinking about.

I did work on some writing—in long hand. It was not a hardship because I always choose paper and pen when I want to deliberately be thoughtful about the words I choose.  I was working on the October Editor’s letter for What’s Up ? Annapolis and What’s Up? Eastern Shore, a challenge because I’m still in June.

How will I be feeling in October? What will be happening then and what will other people be doing and thinking about? I know what October looks like, the colors of fall, but I won’t know what will be happening in politics.  It will be after the Democratic and Republican conventions. The campaigning will be in full swing. Maybe they’ll be an outrageous scandal or a wonderful invention will hit the street – a break through fuel that liberates us from our dependence on gasoline.  How will I know about these things if I don’t listen to the radio, plug into the internet, or start text messaging my friends? It’s not practical to be unplugged for more than a day, but oh what a glorious day!