Puppy 102

Chloe the sweetheart labradoodle is sleeping at the moment, but that’s rare because she’s usually busy doing something… chewing, digging, chewing some more, chasing a toy, jumping up and down hoping to be noticed.
She likes to play and my husband Peter can get her to take a walk all the way downtown, about a mile, but she doesn’t want to walk with just me. She keeps stubbornly wanting to walk around the yard, but not actually cross the street and go somewhere. So in another week or two, I’ll have to bite the bullet and enroll with her in a training class.
Housebreaking? Well, she is pretty good, but not perfect. Everything is okay as long as we take her outside every hour. But I’m not certain she would think to remind us to take her out if it was up to her. Still, she is adorable. So soft and happy to see me in the morning.
It’s that time of year again– tax season. I told myself I was not going to wait until March and that I would have it all done by February, or almost done because tax statements are still arriving. At any rate, I am determined to clear my desk for once and for all and be done with it! So, if anyone out there is wondering why I’ve been remiss in blogging, you have your answer.


Puppy 101

My new puppy Chloe is now 12 weeks old and she is growing quickly. What a chow hound. As soon as she sees her food bowl coming, she starts jumping frantically in anticipation. While I know it is good training practice to reinforce the concept that a dog should settle down and “stay” before starting their meal, she is just a little puppy and evidently VERY HUNGRY. We visited the Vet last week an he recommended her food intake and reminded me her real growth spurt begins at 4 months, so we a have a few weeks to go before she needs to bulk up and its important not to let a dog get too overweight. I read it is a good idea to feed a puppy in their crate so that they associate the crate as their little home. That all seems to be working fine. So far, she has not messed in her crate once. Her dinner is served at 5:30 p.m. and no water after 7:00 p.m. Bedtime is around 11:00 p.m. and I’m running downstairs to her “safe room” at 6:00 a.m. to let her out of her crate and take her outside.
She has had a few peeing accidents, so we rushed out to buy that special cleaner that breaks up the enzymes in urine. Yesterday no accidents. It does help that I am home to check on her each hour and to make certain to take her outside at least every two hours if she is not in her crate.
My hands, however sport numerous little teeth marks, as she is still learning that difference between a bite and a lick. Shoving a chew toy in her mouth works sometimes, but not always.
Her favorite game is run and fetch. I throw a toy and she brings it back again and again.
What a good dog!