Random Acts of Kindness

Do one small good deed a day, is a resolution I made to myself many years ago. Just a moment or two of unselfish kindness, maybe help a stranger lift a heavy package, give an unexpected compliment, or take the time to personally direct someone to the place they’re seeking when lost.  Tiny good deeds.Continue reading “Random Acts of Kindness”

Adopting a Dog is Serious Business

I have now been officially approved to adopt a Golden Retriever from either of the two local rescue organizations: GRREAT (Golden Retriever Rescue Education and Training) and Goldenheart. These are two excellent volunteer organizations which work hard to make certain that Goldens that are abandoned, lost, or displaced find good lifetime homes. They take painsContinue reading “Adopting a Dog is Serious Business”

Goldens are Great!

Last night a volunteer from G.R.R.E.A.T. came to visit our house. (G.R.R.E.A.T. stands for Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training) She brought her big cuddly bear of a dog, Ozzie, with her to explain the G.R.R.E.A.T. adoption process. Ozzie investigated our house, including the side-yard and even went down into the basement, while we talkedContinue reading “Goldens are Great!”

August Annapolis Dog Days WIthout a Dog

It’s the start of a new month and perhaps finally the U.S. Congress and President had scraped together a deal of sorts, but I certainly wouldn’t call it “the new deal” giving any hope that what has been crafted will alleviate the current strain on the economy of too few jobs and services for theContinue reading “August Annapolis Dog Days WIthout a Dog”

A Very Special Golden Retriever

Thank you, everyone who has called, sent cards, stopped me on the street, and expressed their sadness and concern on hearing about Grace’s death. I still expect to see her standing in the front hallway when I put the key in the lock of the front door or hear the jingle of the tags clinkingContinue reading “A Very Special Golden Retriever”

Epitaph to the Best Golden in Annapolis

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you’re probably already acquainted with Grace of Naptown. If you’re a frequent walker in downtown Annapolis, you’ve probably met her in person and stroked her soft golden fur. She was a regular visitor to City Dock Cafe and could be seen mornings, around 7:00 a.m. waitingContinue reading “Epitaph to the Best Golden in Annapolis”

Why I’m Not Sad the Blue Angels Are Cancelled

Yes I know many of my friends, neighbors, and colleagues–are disappointed. No Blue Angels air show this year to commemorate the U.S. Naval Academy Graduation. But then they don’t live downtown and own a dog, a golden retriever, who is afraid of thunder and the Blue Angels do sound a lot like thunder only aContinue reading “Why I’m Not Sad the Blue Angels Are Cancelled”

Walk for the Woods, A Day Late But Worth the Wait!

The sky is always a beautiful shade of blue when the sun comes out after a storm and that was certainly the case yesterday at Bacon Ridge natural area. It was Walk for the Woods 2011, and with the easement preservation of Bacon Ridge, a total of 2000 acres are now being conserved in AnneContinue reading “Walk for the Woods, A Day Late But Worth the Wait!”

Annapolis Dog Walking Tradition

The start of the month, our dog Grace, a golden retriever, forgot she was a middle-aged dog and got a little too frisky chasing a small creature in our neighborhood. I don’t know whether it was a squirrel, cat, or that enigmatic fox I see lurking about at night in Murray Hill, but whatever itContinue reading “Annapolis Dog Walking Tradition”

Rainy Summer Morning in Annapolis

It started with raindrops gently kissing my face, early morning rain on a hot summer’s morning. It’s been so hot and sticky here in Maryland, the rain is a welcome relief and as I walked downtown with my husband Peter and dog Grace at 6:30 a.m. today, I thought how much I looked forward to summer rainy days as a child

Annapolis During Commissioning Week

New residents have popped up all around my neighborhood along with out-of-state license plates on unfamiliar cars and congratulatory banners and signs posted on house railings and atop porticoes. It is after all, commissioning week, time to brace myself for the thundering sounds overhead of the Blue Angels. The noise makes my dog Grace,a goldenContinue reading “Annapolis During Commissioning Week”

I love My Dog

Mondays Climbing out of bed in the dark, particularly on a Monday morning, is not easy. I consider myself a morning person. I love to be out walking when the sun rises, but in the middle of winter my schedule requires that I’m up and out before sun-up. It’s cold and dark. My scarf isContinue reading “I love My Dog”