Blogging Can Be An Earth Day Dance of Words

Every so often before I start to blog, I look at the dashboard that measures which posts are the most widely viewed in a particular day or a particular week and I am amazed that certain posts such as Earth Day Musings are consistently popular. Is it the words that draw the audience? Dancing the Night Away is another consistently popular post. How I wish I could dance the night away, but not this week or the next. Maybe by Thanksgiving? I’m right at that point in the healing process where people tell me, “You are starting to look like yourself.” This can be a dangerous time because I start doing something physically that I really should not do such as start to unload the dishwasher and then a little voice tells me, “No! You are not to bend or to lift!” I feel badly that my husband gets stuck with all those chores and instead I turn my focus to writing another article. (I’m getting lots of writing done) But I also get restless to move around, need to move around, because sitting too long wearing the TCO is painful. Outside, although I obviously can’t weed and am never at my best a diligent weeder, some fall flowers are doing well in our present moist and humid environment. I have some blooming roses and some hearty mums that were potted in the spring and are about to bloom again. How nice. Plus the Firethorn has red berries and looks happy after looking parched during the heat of the summer. It is almost the middle of the week. The end of Tuesday. How I wish I was getting ready to go to my Zumba (latin dance aerobics) class but instead, when my husband comes home we’ll take a walk around the neighborhood and I will admire all that is green.