Mother’s Day and Boating Weekend

It’s Mother’s Day weekend, a great day for planting trees and shrubs in honor of our mothers who are deceased. Unfortunately, I find myself in that category, so I’ve been thinking about what tree or shrub I’d like to plant to honor my mother Esta Maril, who died approximately two years ago. She loved azaleas, and my azaleas are looking mighty peaked, so a colorful Azalea might be a good choice. When I walk around my neighborhood in the city of Annapolis, it amazes me how much planting has gone on in the past two weeks. It seems as though everyone has managed to clean out their flower beds, spread a thick layer of mulch, and fill their empty planters with flowers. As for me, well I’ve managed to purchase the perennials and annuals I need to fill out my beds, but I do need to pull out some more weeds and actually do the planting.
If you’ve been dreaming about taking your small craft out on the water, be it a kayak, canoe, or small row boat— there is now a new place to launch your boat at the Back Creek Nature Park Boating Center. This Saturday at noon is the ribbon cutting ceremony. All day long the public will be treated to canoe and kayak rides. That’s a fun activity for everyone, but particularly if you have kids.
Also on that same day beginning at 5:30 p.m at Port Annapolis Marina at 7074 Bembe Beach Road will be the Annapolis Spring Sails Event. They’ll be lots of food, drinks, and dancing. All the money raised goes to support Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB) It’s also a great day to take a walk in the park, as long as the weather cooperates. Have a great weekend!


Annapolis Summer Sunday

The mystery pumpkin growing from the compost pile grows larger.
The mystery pumpkin growing from the compost pile grows larger.
Early this Sunday morning scores of runners were moving together, each trying to claim their small piece of space, down Main Street towards City Dock, participants in the 10 mile run sponsored by the Annapolis Striders. The runners came in all shapes and sizes. Some were moving at a fast pace, some were jogging, and others were takng a walking break. I recognized a few neighbors and cheered them on as I waited to cross the street to visit the Farmers’ Market. All the participants are to be commended. Ten miles to me, who can only run about one mile, is impressive. Who cares about speed? It was a great morning for running, not too hot. Bravo to all the contestants.

It’s amazing how quickly I can spend $20 on some fresh fruit, vegetables, and bread. They do have a nice selection at the Sunday morning Farmers’ Market that includes lamb, mushrooms and cheese in addition to baked goods, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. With my canvas bags full, I walked with my husband and  dog up the hill and towards home. In our back yard, the pumpkin (see my previous entry) is growing large. Still dark green, but definitely a pumpkin shape, it has more than tripled in size in just one week.

I’m trying to savor the last days of summer before school starts and my daughter gets back into her school routine. There is only one week left before What’s Up? Publishing will be closing the nominations for this year’s Most Eligible Singles on the Eastern Shore and  in Annapolis.  Get your nominations in before it is too late! Age categories start at 25 years old and go to 60 plus. (Maybe you have a parent, friend, uncle, or colleague you’d like to nominate. )The information is on our website at  Why not play cupid?

My Surprise Composting Crop

Well maybe you’re not supposed to put seeds in your compost heap. but I compost just about everything from eggshells and coffee grounds to potato peelings and apple cores. Not only do we get rich soil, but a plant or two often sprouts out of the heap of decomposing vegetation.
Last year it was a tomato plant. This year it’s a cucumber and pumpkins. The golden blossoms in the pumpkin vine are large and open up each morning to soak up the sun. Here it is August, and a few small pumpkins are starting to form.

Will they prosper and grow into fine pumpkins for Halloween, which is when the pumpkin seeds must have originally been “planted”? We’ll just have to wait and see. Want to create your own compost heap? Go to