Hanging In There

“Hanging in there” has taken on a whole new meaning to me these days. It is the stock phrase I’ve been using, whenever people I encounter casually ask me, “How are You?” and in many cases have no idea I am encased in a heavy back brace or what I affectionately call “the clamshell” that I am stuck in 24 hours a day. Tomorrow it will be one month since the “accident” and I am frankly tired of recounting the story of what happened. Cheerfully I send people to my blog posts, but not everyone likes to read blogs. I’ve also learned that there are those folks that are convinced that the verbal version I tell them will be so much more interesting then anything I might put into writing. As a writer, I think they are dead wrong, but acknowledge that there are details I may edit out as not being important to the story I want to share that they want to hear. Yes, the blog is a public place and a certain amount of self-censorship is imposed. It’s also a place where I want to be my “best self” so I put a lid on some of my anger, fear, and frustration. Thinking positive means living positively and visualizing that I will completely recover without residual pain and that by the start of the New Year I will be back in my intermediate pilates class flexible and strong.
Yesterday evening I worked about an hour at Chesapeake Beer Madness, and can report it was a very successful event. The tickets which enabled attendees to sample 16 different beers, all brewed in the Chesapeake Bay region, were sold out before the event opened. the music was really good, at least the music I heard prior to 8:00 p.m. I tasted some nice beers, and others I didn’t like as much. So now that October has officially begun, you can vote online for your initial favorites as the field will be narrowed from 16 beers to 8 beers. If you didn’t attend last night’s event, well I guess you’ll have to go out and buy some beer. Have a good weekend.