Online Literary Publications

Online Literary Publications

“Two Poems by Nadja Maril”

Across the Margin, May 2023


Quail Bell Magazine, April 2023

“Why I Wish I Knew More Yiddish”

ZIN Daily, January 2023

“His Exit Line Was I Have A Headache”

Personal Narrative
“Tell Your Story” on Medium, October 2022

“It Began With Something that Might Break”

Short Story
Rock Salt Journal, Fall 2022

“How to Restring a Necklace”

Flash Fiction
Instant Noodles, Pathos Issue Fall 2022

“Voice Lessons”

Personal Essay
Litro Magazine, July 30, 2022


Creative Nonfiction Flash
Anti-Heroin Chic, Issue 28 August 2022

“The Simple Joys of Baking Cake”

Creative Nonfiction Flash
Random Sample Review, Issue 7 Follow Your Joy, Summer 2022

“Tomato Harvest Management”

Flash CNF
The Bird Seed, Vol. 1, issue 2

“Pain Management”

Short Story (novel excerpt)
Change Seven, Spring 2020

“Uncle Max’s Gift”

Short Story
Creative Café Project
Cafelit Magazine, December 28, 2021

“Family History”

Creative nonfiction
Compressed Journal of the Creative Arts


Short Story
Defunkt Magazine, Vol. Vll (p.33)


Short Story
Devil’s Party Press
Instant Noodles, Spring 2021


Nonfiction Flash
Full House, January 2022
Featured Creator

“Natural Disaster”

Flash Fiction
Gastropoda, February 2022

“The Land Holds My Memory”

Personal Essay
Invisible City Literary Magazine

“We Bought the Kelly Green Dress”

Nonfiction Flash
Lumiere Review

“The Story of the Family Samovar”

Creative Nonfiction/Memoir
Lunch Ticket Summer/Fall 2020

“The ‘C’ Word”

Short Story
UAMS Literary Journal
Medicine and Meaning

“The Nature of Basil”

Nonfiction Flash
Miniskirt Magazine, Vol. 1 , issue 9

“Admiration for My Grandmother’s Pitcher”

Open Journal of Arts and Letters, January 30, 2022

“Love in the Kitchen”

Pareidolia Literary, Vol, 2 Wunderkammer

“You Meet the Strangest People Hitchhiking”

Short Story
Pigeon Review, Art and Literary Journal

“The Perfect Picture”

Short Story
Potato Soup Journal

“Keep Me Posted”

Short Story
Scarlet Leaf Review, April 2017

“Trying to Be Normal”

Short Story
Scarlet Leaf Review March 2016


Nonfiction Flash
Sledgehammer Literary Journal, December 2021

“Red Roses”

Short Story/Prose Poem
Thimble Literary Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 3

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