Wedding Weekend in Madison Wisconsin

Chris and Laura the eve of their wedding.
Chris and Laura the eve of their wedding.

Last weekend my son Christopher Patrick got married to his long time sweetheart Laura Smith. The wedding took place outside the home of Laura’s parents in Oregon, Wisconsin near Madison. I had not seen my son Justin, who lives in Indonesia since Christmas, so I was very excited at the prospect of a family reunion.  He and his fiance Suci made the long 25 hour trip the middle of the week and arrived at the O’Hare Airport in Chicago. My husband Peter and I flew into the Midway Airport Thursday morning and rented a very large van so we had room for everyone and their luggage.  Once we picked up Justin and Suci, it was time to wait for the arrival of daughter Alex, coming in from California. A few hours later we arrived in downtown Madison, near the Capital. In the photographs that follow you will see we enjoyed each others company over a lavish family style meal served at the Heritage Tavern in Madison. While Laura was still busy with her wedding preparations, we spoiled Christopher as a bachelor one last time and no he did not eat that sundae served in an ice sculpture all by himself! Saturday we took the opportunity to tour the inside of the Capital building and take a walk to the fountain located on Monona Terrace looking across the lake. Friday afternoon was a time for wedding rehearsal and then a dinner for the wedding party at Restaurant Muramoto, also in downtown Madison. You’ll see in this group of photos, Alex, Suci, and myself dressed in our party dresses for the evening.  On Saturday morning while Alex was having her very long hair arranged into an elaborate bun, Peter and I walked around the Farmer’s Market which is set up all around the Capital Building. All kinds of delicious cheeses, fruits, and vegetables are featured at the weekly market but I was most impressed with the gourds and flowers. Unfortunately as Saturday progressed it began to rain heavily. In parts of the state there was a tornado watch. The good news is that the weather cleared long enough for the wedding ceremony to take place in the Smith family orchard and for wedding photographs to be taken. Only a few are posted on this blog as I wasn’t taking any, but I’m sure more will surface.  Most of the afternoon we were under the tent trying to stay dry, joined at our table  by my brother David and cousin Ron.   It was a weekend to remember!Chris Alex tuna and pork Peterth fishlobster Justinsuci Sundae Chrissundaee photo photo Petemoth photo NadjaAlexcap photo photo Frimorn photo photo photo photo flowers lanterns satmarket sata.m Satam Satmorn wedding group back of dress photo Chris just threekids


Sweet and Simple Wedding

Weddings don’t always have to be extravagant affairs. A wedding is really about celebrating a lifelong commitment to one another and the celebration is about people enjoying each others’ company.

A few weeks ago I went to San Diego County to attend the wedding of my nephew Ben Crilly, who is a marine currently stationed at Camp Pendleton. Accompanying me on the trip was husband Peter Crilly, son Christopher and his girlfriend Laura. Going out to California gave us the opportunity to see daughter Alex, who took the train down from San Luis Obispo to San Diego to meet us. We had a great time staying in La Jolla, revisiting some to the sights we had the pleasure of seeing  San Diego during Thanksgiving plus making new memories.

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I didn’t know what to expect, as far as the wedding we were attending but I did know I liked the handmade invitation and the fact that we didn’t need to be super dressed up.  Shown in this photo of the invitation are the party favors given as we left– handmade pouches of wildflower seeds. But I’m getting ahead of myself.The wedding was held at the bride’s grandmother’s house, in the backyard. The sun was shining and there was a lovely spreading Ficus Tree on the hill. On the tree were hanging mason jars and white Christmas lights for when it got dark.  To set the stage for the ceremony were a pair of French Doors and jars of baby breath and purple flowers. The colors of the wedding were white and purple. The brides maids word short purple satin dresses and the table covers for dinner were purple as well. I confess I didn’t take enough pictures to show everything, because I was having too much fun.

There was no alcohol served. Emma, the bride is under 21, so the couple toasted one another with pink lemonade.  The bride and groom both looked radiant as they made their ways around to the tables set up after the ceremony to say hello to everyone. A dance floor was set up on the ground, like the floors you see at a hotel, and it was placed up on the hill under the tree. A deejay down below spun tunes after dinner, which was two choices of pasta served buffet style.  The beautiful tiered cake was chocolate with vanilla frosting (my favorite!). Instead of a guest book, we were all asked to write something around the edges of a canvas which had the couple’s picture in the center and as the couple got ready to depart in their “just married car” we were given sparklers. Assembled in the driveway, we held up our lit sparklers and the bride and groom walked underneath as we said good luck and congratulations. It was a lovely event. Seen in the photos with the bride, groom, and Peter is his brother Paul, and nephew Nate (Ben’s younger brother who was one of the groomsmen).