Dr. Seuss Ice Sculptures Celebrate the Holidays

It’s called Christmas on the Potomac and the featured attractions include a 60 foot glass Christmas tree, indoor snowfall, a firework display, and dazzling fountains, but the real attraction to see at Gaylord National located at National Harbor Maryland, just across the Potomac River from Washington D.C., is the ice sculpture display that recreates favoriteContinue reading “Dr. Seuss Ice Sculptures Celebrate the Holidays”

Virtual Passport visits Vietnam

If someone told me 30 years ago I would someday be sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam drinking beer and having my nails done; I would have told them they were “out of their mind.” I grew up in the generation that heard the horror stories of the Vietnam War– napalm, agent orange,Continue reading “Virtual Passport visits Vietnam”

Miniature Indonesia in Jakarta; Virtual Passport

Monday in Annapolis, Maryland for me is a day full of meetings and a day that focuses on organizing my tasks for the week. Monday in Jakarta, Indonesia (I learned last month), is often a day to take a break, when many of the important museums and monuments in the city are closed. So whileContinue reading “Miniature Indonesia in Jakarta; Virtual Passport”

Jakarta, Indonesia: Virtual Passport Gets a Taste of China and Holland

Indonesia was once a Dutch colony, and Historic Kota neighborhood with its 19th century style Dutch architecture is a major tourist attraction. We walked around the Taman Fatahillah Piaza, meandered into an adjacent museum devoted to arts and crafts (a disappointment) and then took refuge inside the Cafe Batavaia for a much needed break. Located on on side of the square, the Cafe has been kept very much as it must of appeared at the beginning of the 20th century with rich dark wood floor and bara, comfortable seats, drinks with ice….

Virtual Passport Arrives in Indonesia: Visit to Tangkutan Pratu from Jakarta

So on my second full day of our visit, I learned an important lesson in traveling around Jarkarta…patience. On Sunday July 4th when many Americans were busy making their plans for picnics and watching firework displays, I was in a car with Justin, my husband Peter and daughter Alex on our way to visit Tangkuban Pratu which literally means “Overturned Boat”, a scenic and active volcano located 30 Kilometers from Bandung and 147 kilometers from Jakarta.

Opera, Homes & Gardens, Kent Island Days

While you are on the Eastern side of the Bay Bridge head up towards Talbot County for the Maryland House & Garden Pilgrimage Tour that takes place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. I attended the Pilgrimage Tour that was held last year in Centreville

Love, Croquet, Books, Fishing

There are so many things going on this weekend in Annapolis, it is hard to know where to begin. The start photo of today’s blog is specific to the subject of croquet as the traditional St. Johnies vs. The Mids from the U.S. Naval Academy willl take place on the lawn of historic St. John’sContinue reading “Love, Croquet, Books, Fishing”

Annapolis or Marco Island? Which is Hotter?

It’s prettier in a picture. We’ve been experiencing quite a heat wave here in Annapolis, Maryland. Hot sticky days and warm damp evenings make most of us seek out the comfort of air conditioned buildings. But my recent visit to Southern Florida has had the affect of making me think Annapolis in summer is notContinue reading “Annapolis or Marco Island? Which is Hotter?”

July 4th Parade Celebrates Freedom

 July 4th, the birthday of our country, celebrates liberty and freedom.         Followers of Falun Gong, founded in 1992 and based on Buddhist teachings, seek to achieve a state of selflessness, greater insight and awareness, inner purity and balance.  There are between 70 and 100 million people in China who practice FalunContinue reading “July 4th Parade Celebrates Freedom”

Bermuda and Vacations on the Mind

This morning, when I arrived at City Dock 7:00 a.m. sharp, owner Steve Duffy already had my coffee ready when I strolled through the door. He’d spied me tying Grace up to one of the iron chairs outside. Today my only walking companion was Grace. Peter was already on his way to an early morningContinue reading “Bermuda and Vacations on the Mind”