Cheers to Good Health

Last night it was time for a celebration as I move forward with my life. I’m pretty much free of the brace. Yes, there is quite a bit of pain as my muscles readjust and it is a deep pain, generating from my back, which is a part of the central core– but I canContinue reading “Cheers to Good Health”

Happy Halloween 2011

Do you have your Hallowen Candy? Have you carved your pumpkin? Today the sun is out, unlike Saturday. That makes today a fine day for Trick or Treaters to parade outside and make their door-to-door visits this evening. With the cold and the crowds Saturday night, by the time we got over to Fado’s, itContinue reading “Happy Halloween 2011”

Gaddafi Sighting in Annapolis

“The Day of the Dead” arrived early to Annapolis, Maryland when the recently departed Libyan leader Omar Gaddafi was seen dining at the Wild Orchid Cafe in a private dining room with a number of odd companions. Gaddafi’s date for the evening was “Evil Incarnate”– a strikingly beautiful but evil woman sitting in a carContinue reading “Gaddafi Sighting in Annapolis”

Soggy Saturday Pre Halloween

Today is a soggy Saturday. At least we didn’t get snow. But, by the time we walked over to the Maryland Avenue City Dock Cafe and back again, I needed a fresh set of clothes. Today is also the Saturday before Halloween, the night for Halloween parties and the night when all the bars haveContinue reading “Soggy Saturday Pre Halloween”

Halloween is Almost Here

Today we started walking downtown even before the high school students had made their way to the bus-stop to catch the 6:30 a..m. cheese-wagon. Hard to believe, but we no longer have any kids at home waiting for the bus, and potentially missing it. What a chore it was, rousing them out of bed. NowContinue reading “Halloween is Almost Here”

“Twelve Angry Men” Gets You Thinking

Saturday night we drove down to Alexandria to see “Twelve Angry Men” at the Aldersgate Community Theatre. It’s located inside the Aldersgate Methodist Church and my cousin Ron was one of the actors, his first performance as juror #12 in a community theater. Written initially as a television play in 1954 by Reginald Rose, someContinue reading ““Twelve Angry Men” Gets You Thinking”

Hanging In There

“Hanging in there” has taken on a whole new meaning to me these days. It is the stock phrase I’ve been using, whenever people I encounter casually ask me, “How are You?” and in many cases have no idea I am encased in a heavy back brace or what I affectionately call “the clamshell” thatContinue reading “Hanging In There”

Geese, Rain, and Swimming Pools

It’s that time of year when large flocks of Canadian Geese arrive. It is amazing to see a huge flock take over a field. They are beautiful birds. They probably like all the mud and puddles that have taken over our landscape Speaking of landscape, over the weekend I attended the annual Parole Rotary ClubContinue reading “Geese, Rain, and Swimming Pools”

What do You Consider a Hidden Gem?

It’s always exciting to discover some place no one else knows about. Sharing that information with others can sometimes be controversial. I remember when the local newspaper published shortcuts for getting over the Bay Bridge when driving from Annapolis to Ocean City. People were furious that their secret routes were revealed. Private neighborhoods were angryContinue reading “What do You Consider a Hidden Gem?”

Celebrating Citizenship, Leadership, and July 4th in Annapolis

Last week several members of the community were honored at the annual Tribute to Leadership, an event that celebrates the graduation of the current Leadership Anne Arundel class. Congratulations and best wishes go out to Lisa Hillman who received the Distinguished Graduate Award, Hank R. Gundlach who received the President’s Award, Tatiana Johanning Klein whoContinue reading “Celebrating Citizenship, Leadership, and July 4th in Annapolis”

Party for a Good Cause and Beat the Heat

Talk about the dog days of summer, they seem to have arrived here in Annapolis, complete with dreary gray skies and steamy temperatures which make you want to head for a cold shower or maybe an exciting event in an air conditioned setting to put your mind in a better place. Tonight is the annualContinue reading “Party for a Good Cause and Beat the Heat”

Best of ReCap and Weekend Annapolis Plans

Well I saw a whole lot of people last night at the Best of Party and I tasted a whole lot of food. From mushrooms stuffed with escargots in cream sauce prepared by chef Russell Brown, now at O’Learys Seafood Restaurant ( Annapolis winner of Best Seafood) to the shrimp served over grits prepared byContinue reading “Best of ReCap and Weekend Annapolis Plans”

Best of Everything on Thursday Evening

Here at the What’s Up? Media offices, intermixed with meeting our writing and advertising deadlines, folks are bustling about getting ready for the Best of Party, this year at the Sheraton in Annapolis. That’s the party where you can sample the great food voted as Best of Annapolis and the Eastern Shore by our readersContinue reading “Best of Everything on Thursday Evening”

Why I’m Not Sad the Blue Angels Are Cancelled

Yes I know many of my friends, neighbors, and colleagues–are disappointed. No Blue Angels air show this year to commemorate the U.S. Naval Academy Graduation. But then they don’t live downtown and own a dog, a golden retriever, who is afraid of thunder and the Blue Angels do sound a lot like thunder only aContinue reading “Why I’m Not Sad the Blue Angels Are Cancelled”

TWIN Awards Inspire Women to Help Each Other

The setting was beautiful, although it was a harrowing drive yesterday to get to the waterfront neighborhood of Severna Park where the recipients of this year’s TWIN awards gathered to be feted and to get to know one another better. For those readers who may not know what TWIN stands for, the acronym is TributeContinue reading “TWIN Awards Inspire Women to Help Each Other”