Journalistic Standards?

It’s a regular morning ritual with me; morning coffee, breakfast, and the newspaper. This morning on the front page of the Washington Post I saw and read two articles, both of which were described by my husband as “juicy”. The first one I read was about the shananagins of an enterprising radio host on radioContinue reading “Journalistic Standards?”

Annapolis Singles Event on Thursday

What’s Up? magazines will once again be publishing their Most Eligibles Singles Issue in November. Finding the Most Eligible Singles is a weighty undertaking for the editorial staff of our two magazines, What’s Up? Annapolis and What’s Up? Eastern Shore. If you know of anyone in our circulation area; Anne Arundel, Kent, Dorchester, Queen Anne,Continue reading “Annapolis Singles Event on Thursday”

Holiday Madness in Annapolis

The title of this blog is a play on words in response to the fact that tonight is the first Midnight Madness of the season in historic Annapolis. Other than taking the dog for a walk downtown, I don’t think I’ll really be able to participate…just too much work to do in and around theContinue reading “Holiday Madness in Annapolis”

The Votes Are In and the Election is Over!

What a relief. The longest presidential campaign in history has come to an end and history has indeed been made! The early voting amendment did pass as did the referendum to allow slots in Maryland. Forty percent of those slot machines are slated to go into Anne Arundel County. Check out the upcoming issues ofContinue reading “The Votes Are In and the Election is Over!”

Get Ready to Vote Annapolis!

I’ve been voting at the same location, since I first moved to Annapolis in 1984–Bates Middle School next to Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. There is usually never a line, I just walk right in, give my name, get my voter’s card and walk over to one of the machines. But this morning IContinue reading “Get Ready to Vote Annapolis!”

Annapolis Economics or Enjoy the Good Weather

Even at 7:30 in the morning, the street of downtown Annapolis are still busy on Boat Show weekend and with two shows back to back, the hustle and bustle will continue.  I don’t know how many sales are being made, but everyone still likes to look at beautiful boats. It’s that way at the shoppingContinue reading “Annapolis Economics or Enjoy the Good Weather”

Annapolis and Politics

There’s an elephant in the room. Or maybe it’s a donkey. This is not supposed to be a political blog but politics have been weighing heavily on my mind. One thing I’ve been noticing is that due to the intense feelings surrounding the Presidential race, (pollsters tell us that in this election Americans feel veryContinue reading “Annapolis and Politics”

Murray Hill Picnic a Fall Tradition

The table was laden with platters of fried chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese, shrimp cocktail, chinese noodle salad, ceasar salad, meatballs, stir fried vegetables, chicken, and rice, and lasagna. Depending on which moment in time you visited the table the selection kept changing. There were spare ribs on the table for a while. Then there wasContinue reading “Murray Hill Picnic a Fall Tradition”

Annapolis Summer Sunday

Early this Sunday morning scores of runners were moving together, each trying to claim their small piece of space, down Main Street towards City Dock, participants in the 10 mile run sponsored by the Annapolis Striders. The runners came in all shapes and sizes. Some were moving at a fast pace, some were jogging, andContinue reading “Annapolis Summer Sunday”

My Surprise Composting Crop

Well maybe you’re not supposed to put seeds in your compost heap. but I compost just about everything from eggshells and coffee grounds to potato peelings and apple cores. Not only do we get rich soil, but a plant or two often sprouts out of the heap of decomposing vegetation. Last year it was aContinue reading “My Surprise Composting Crop”

Annapolis or Marco Island? Which is Hotter?

It’s prettier in a picture. We’ve been experiencing quite a heat wave here in Annapolis, Maryland. Hot sticky days and warm damp evenings make most of us seek out the comfort of air conditioned buildings. But my recent visit to Southern Florida has had the affect of making me think Annapolis in summer is notContinue reading “Annapolis or Marco Island? Which is Hotter?”