In Search of Unity, What New Statues and Memorials Shall We Build?

Now with so many people unemployed – many of them artists and historians—we have the opportunity to create and fund works of art that will unite the country.

Literary Magazines Feature Emerging Talent and Independent Perspective

When selecting which journals you’d like to read or submit your work to, start by reading their mission statement.

Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes – Keeping the Peace in Our Communities

I once spent several hours on a “Ride Along” with a Police Officer. I got a small taste of what part of one day feels like for a member of the police department…

Showing Compassion or Hate?–The Power of Touch during this Pandemic

I’ve been thinking about how our lives have changed in the past three months. I’ve been remembering the way things used to be when we could freely embrace one another, pat a friend on the shoulder to show encouragement, shake someone’s hand to express thanks or congratulations. The handshake stands out in my mind becauseContinue reading “Showing Compassion or Hate?–The Power of Touch during this Pandemic”