Chespeake TASTE editor and her labradoodle

It was a soggy Saturday for my birthday yesterday, but I’ve had an okay weekend so far if I include Friday.  Friday morning we launched Maryland’s newest magazine, Chesapeake TASTE, and had a lively breakfast gathering on the roof of Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge. From the phone calls I’ve been receiving, the response on contentContinue reading “Chespeake TASTE editor and her labradoodle”

When in Cuba Try a Cigar

  That’s me. smoking a cigar. Notice I have a funny expression on my face being that this was the very first time I had smoked a cigar. Well, not really. I had taken a few puffs earlier in the week, outside our hotel iin Havana, but that other cigar wasn’t half as intense asContinue reading “When in Cuba Try a Cigar”

Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive and Well in Cuba

Cuba might well be a socialist country, but during our  February visit we met plenty of entrepreneurs who found ways of making a little extra money on the side. Whether they report their earning to the government or not, I’m not certain.  But they found many tourists eager to part with their “convertible pesos” theContinue reading “Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive and Well in Cuba”

Shaker Everyday Items Works of Art

Currently on exhibit at the Elizabeth Myers Mitchell Gallery at St John’s College in Annapolis is a wonderful exhibit composed of items from the Faith and Edward Deming Andrew’s Collection of Shaker objects. The exhibit is called “Gathering up the Fragments: The Andrews Shaker Collection” and due to the wide variety of items that include:Continue reading “Shaker Everyday Items Works of Art”