Happy Halloween 2011

Do you have your Hallowen Candy? Have you carved your pumpkin? Today the sun is out, unlike Saturday. That makes today a fine day for Trick or Treaters to parade outside and make their door-to-door visits this evening. With the cold and the crowds Saturday night, by the time we got over to Fado’s, itContinue reading “Happy Halloween 2011”

Gaddafi Sighting in Annapolis

“The Day of the Dead” arrived early to Annapolis, Maryland when the recently departed Libyan leader Omar Gaddafi was seen dining at the Wild Orchid Cafe in a private dining room with a number of odd companions. Gaddafi’s date for the evening was “Evil Incarnate”– a strikingly beautiful but evil woman sitting in a carContinue reading “Gaddafi Sighting in Annapolis”

Soggy Saturday Pre Halloween

Today is a soggy Saturday. At least we didn’t get snow. But, by the time we walked over to the Maryland Avenue City Dock Cafe and back again, I needed a fresh set of clothes. Today is also the Saturday before Halloween, the night for Halloween parties and the night when all the bars haveContinue reading “Soggy Saturday Pre Halloween”

Halloween is Almost Here

Today we started walking downtown even before the high school students had made their way to the bus-stop to catch the 6:30 a..m. cheese-wagon. Hard to believe, but we no longer have any kids at home waiting for the bus, and potentially missing it. What a chore it was, rousing them out of bed. NowContinue reading “Halloween is Almost Here”

Greek Burgers with Fennel

My husband reminded me this morning that six weeks ago I could barely hold a mug in my hand. Whenever possible I was drinking beverages out of disposable plastic because it was lighter in weight. Now I don’t give a thought to lifting a pottery mug. I can even lift a frying pan which meansContinue reading “Greek Burgers with Fennel”

Remembering Louise Rowles

An old family friend, Louise Rowles, died the end of August and her memorial service is this Sunday at the Park School in Brooklandville, Maryland. Long before I knew Louise and her husband Bill as good friends of my parents, Herman and Esta Maril, I knew Louise as Mrs. Rowles, my favorite librarian. As aContinue reading “Remembering Louise Rowles”

Less than Two Weeks to Go in my TCO

It’s hard to believe, but I have been encased in this TCO, Total Contact Orthosis jacket now for over six weeks and hopefully if the doctor says “okay” I can take it off in another two weeks. So meanwhile I’ve been wearing only sweat pants or capris with elastic or drawstring waistbands, T-shirts, and largeContinue reading “Less than Two Weeks to Go in my TCO”

“Twelve Angry Men” Gets You Thinking

Saturday night we drove down to Alexandria to see “Twelve Angry Men” at the Aldersgate Community Theatre. It’s located inside the Aldersgate Methodist Church and my cousin Ron was one of the actors, his first performance as juror #12 in a community theater. Written initially as a television play in 1954 by Reginald Rose, someContinue reading ““Twelve Angry Men” Gets You Thinking”

Horseback Riding Anyone?

“How is the horse?” or “Did you shoot the horse?” have been some of the inquisitive remarks tossed my way when people learn that I broke my back in an equestrian accident. “Are you planning on continuing riding?” I remember going to the salvage yard to retrieve a few items out of my car thatContinue reading “Horseback Riding Anyone?”

“Fun For All” Will Make You Smile

Fun for All is the name of the new store that opened at 32 West Street in the former location of a la Mode.. This new store has nothing to do with lingerie. It is all about candy and toys. Owners Jessica and Mark Clampitt have a sister shop in Lewes, Delaware and Mark toldContinue reading ““Fun For All” Will Make You Smile”

A Lesson of Determination from My Father

My father, the artist Herman Maril, dislocated his ankle– not only breaking bones, but tearing muscles, tendons, and ligaments when I was a child. It was a traumatic event, requiring the arrival of the Lower Cape Rescue Squad and ambulance, which took him Up Cape to Hyannis and Cape Cod Hospital in the dark ofContinue reading “A Lesson of Determination from My Father”

Annapolis Boat Show Weekend

Today, tomorrow, and the next day it would be wise to steer clear of downtown Annapolis unless you are planning to attend the Boat Show. But wait, I live almost downtown. I’m already here in the midst of the hustle and bustle of exhibitors marketing their wares and tourists wanting to tour the latest andContinue reading “Annapolis Boat Show Weekend”

Not the Editor

Monday I lost my job. After six and half years of dedication, I was stunned. But I guess it’s a sign of the times. A lot of people have been losing their jobs. Now when I walk downtown, I no longer need to bring my digital camera and little notebook tucked in my pocket readyContinue reading “Not the Editor”

Hanging In There

“Hanging in there” has taken on a whole new meaning to me these days. It is the stock phrase I’ve been using, whenever people I encounter casually ask me, “How are You?” and in many cases have no idea I am encased in a heavy back brace or what I affectionately call “the clamshell” thatContinue reading “Hanging In There”