Why I’m Not Sad the Blue Angels Are Cancelled

Yes I know many of my friends, neighbors, and colleagues–are disappointed. No Blue Angels air show this year to commemorate the U.S. Naval Academy Graduation. But then they don’t live downtown and own a dog, a golden retriever,

Grace Does not like the sound of thunder or jets.
who is afraid of thunder and the Blue Angels do sound a lot like thunder only a little more high pitched with a lot more vibration. I don’t like the sound either. When I worked at home, I found it very distracting and annoying and no I had no big desire to go outside and watch the planes swerving around in the sky overhead.
Sometimes silence is sweet.

Published by Nadja Maril

Nadja Maril is a communications professional who has over 10 years experience as a magazine editor. A writer and journalist, Maril is the author of several books including: "American Lighting 1840-1940", "Antique Lamp Buyer's Guide", "Me, Molly Midnight; the Artist's Cat", and "Runaway, Molly Midnight; the Artist's Cat". Her short stories and essays have been published in several small online journals including Lunch Ticket, Change Seven, Scarlet Leaf Review and Defunkt Magazine. She has an MFA in creative writing from Stonecoast at the University of Southern Maine. Former Editor-in-Chief of What's Up ? Publishing, former Editor of Chesapeake Taste Magazine a regional lifestyle magazine based in Annapolis, and former Lighting Editor of Victorian Homes Magazine, Maril has written hundreds of newspaper and magazines articles on a variety of subjects..

7 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Sad the Blue Angels Are Cancelled

  1. I can sort of relate. This is our first year here in Annapolis so we were looking forward to the Blue Angels as we love them, but not looking forward to the stress it would put on our 2 cats. They’re still kind of stressed about the new house at this point so I’m glad they won’t have further stress.


  2. if silence is so sweet then maybe you should shut up.
    that sound may bother you ( a couple of days a year) but that sound is the sound of freedom, it’s what makes it so you can enjoy living where you want to and with whom.
    theese guys and galls risk their lives everyday and should be proud to show off what they can do


  3. The Blue Angels are not the sound of freedom. They are the noise of the military industrial complex glorifying destructive technological power and expertise. And I wish they’d perform somewhere else too, but the difference between me and editor Maril is that I’ll come out and say “I don’t care for the Blue Angels” whereas she’ll use her dog as the foil to bark it out so to speak. Just another example of the irrelevance and silliness of this “lifestyle” publication. If it’s not dental or breast uimplants, it’s stamped patios and garage organizers. If this pub extolls the conspicuous consumption and narcissistic lifestyle of Gibson Island and Wardour residents, why not get it on the supportive and complimentary Blue Angels flyover?


    1. One cannot argue one’s love or disdain for the Blue Angels–it is merely an opinion and one that essentially HAS to be accepted.

      But never let it be said that Paul Foer the self proclaimed “journalist, radio show host, and columnist” cum shelf stocker at a local garden center was able to pass a bridge without setting it on fire.

      If you don’t like the magazine, don’t subscribe. If you don’t like the Blue Angels, that’s great. You voiced your opinion, but as is typical–attack attack attack.


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