Goodbye Commissioning Week, Hello Annapolis Memorial Day Weekend

Well it’s Friday, and on my early morning walk downtown I spied a large family, gathered outside the home they had rented in the Murray Hill neighborhood, based on their attire and the excited look on their faces, it was a good guess that they were about to set out for the U.S. Naval AcademyContinue reading “Goodbye Commissioning Week, Hello Annapolis Memorial Day Weekend”

Why I’m Not Sad the Blue Angels Are Cancelled

Yes I know many of my friends, neighbors, and colleagues–are disappointed. No Blue Angels air show this year to commemorate the U.S. Naval Academy Graduation. But then they don’t live downtown and own a dog, a golden retriever, who is afraid of thunder and the Blue Angels do sound a lot like thunder only aContinue reading “Why I’m Not Sad the Blue Angels Are Cancelled”

TWIN Awards Inspire Women to Help Each Other

The setting was beautiful, although it was a harrowing drive yesterday to get to the waterfront neighborhood of Severna Park where the recipients of this year’s TWIN awards gathered to be feted and to get to know one another better. For those readers who may not know what TWIN stands for, the acronym is TributeContinue reading “TWIN Awards Inspire Women to Help Each Other”

Smoking and Grilling This Weekend

With names like: JD’s Smokin Misfits, Fat Guys in a Little Smoke, Porkers in Paradise and Swine Dining, it sounds like the various teams competing in the Naptown BarBayQue being produced by the Parole Rotary Club this weekend and tomorrow at the U.S. Naval Academy Stadium are pretty serious competitors! All that creative cooking energyContinue reading “Smoking and Grilling This Weekend”

A Medieval Style Celebration at CTA Gala

“There’s no business like show business,” states one of my favorite old Broadway tunes, and certainly many of the community theater enthusiasts were out in full force to support the Annapolis Children’s Theater (CTA) at their Spring Gala last Saturday night. The theme was Camelot, and Christy Stouffer who is active in just about everyContinue reading “A Medieval Style Celebration at CTA Gala”

Mother’s Day and Boating Weekend

It’s Mother’s Day weekend, a great day for planting trees and shrubs in honor of our mothers who are deceased. Unfortunately, I find myself in that category, so I’ve been thinking about what tree or shrub I’d like to plant to honor my mother Esta Maril, who died approximately two years ago. She loved azaleas,Continue reading “Mother’s Day and Boating Weekend”

Enjoy the May Baskets!

If you don’t have time to get into downtown Annapolis today, I’ve put together a short slideshow of some of the beautiful baskets I encountered on my walk downtown this morning to visit the Farmers’ Market. Take note, that a number of folks were still scrambling to put their baskets together before the 10:00 a.m.Continue reading “Enjoy the May Baskets!”