New Year’s Eve in Naptown (Annapolis)

I’ve been trying to figure out what I really want to do on New Year’s Eve. I wanted to go dancing, preferably to the sounds of a live band. (I’m not so keen on Disc Jockeys). But I keep changing my mind because I’m just recovering from a head cold. How long will I reallyContinue reading “New Year’s Eve in Naptown (Annapolis)”

Remembering Dr. Edith Earle Leonard

Elizabeth Edwards wasn’t the only inspiring woman who died yesterday. Dr. Edith Earle Leonard, one of the first women podiatrist in the state of Maryland, also died yesterday. She was my neighbor and one of the first people I met on moving to Annapolis in 1984. She was 86 years old. According to her family,Continue reading “Remembering Dr. Edith Earle Leonard”