Identifying a Kerosene Lamp (via All About Antiques)

Helpful if you don’t know whether your suspected old oil lamp is really an antique. Hi Nadja, I saw your article on antique kerosene lamps while trying to Google some information about a lamp that was passed down to me from my great aunt. I was wondering if you would be able to give meContinue reading “Identifying a Kerosene Lamp (via All About Antiques)”

Dr. Seuss Ice Sculptures Celebrate the Holidays

It’s called Christmas on the Potomac and the featured attractions include a 60 foot glass Christmas tree, indoor snowfall, a firework display, and dazzling fountains, but the real attraction to see at Gaylord National located at National Harbor Maryland, just across the Potomac River from Washington D.C., is the ice sculpture display that recreates favoriteContinue reading “Dr. Seuss Ice Sculptures Celebrate the Holidays”

Voting Day Means No More Junk Mail

Finally the end of campaign litter is in sight! I voted two weeks ago, but the glossy leaflets and postcards have continued to jam up my mailbox. Do politicians really think people read the quantity of campaign gibberish they’ve been sending us? I don’t even want to talk about the phone calls. The good newsContinue reading “Voting Day Means No More Junk Mail”