Halloween Fun in Annapolis 2010 Costume Current Events

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Today is officially Halloween, but I celebrated what has become one of my favorite holidays, last night with my husband Peter Crilly and friends Catherine and Eric Davidson.
What fun to see all the crazy and creative costumes folks had created in an attempt to win a prize at one of the downtown Annapolis bars. There are costume contests throughout the region, but we chose to focus on those close to home. After starting the evening with a late dinner at the Wild Orchid, where we were the only diners in costume, we made our way over to Fado’s at Park Place which has a very large costume contest sponsored by the radio station WRNR. Our own attire was inspired by current events. I was a witch turned politician–Delaware candidate for the senate and Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell, while Peter and Eric were two of the recently rescued Chilean miners, and Catherine was the Red Queen as visualized by Tim Burton. Sad to say, there was one person on the street who chided Peter and Eric for being out and about when the miners were still underground waiting to be rescued. (When did he last listen to a news report or pick up a newspaper?) And then at least a half a dozen people asked me what was the deal with my dressing like a witch and wearing signs saying I was not a witch? In a few instances, even when I explained about Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell’s recent television ad “I am not a witch”, they still looked confused–a sad commentary on the public’s knowledge of current events.
But on the positive side there were plenty of interesting costumes to admire in addition to the typical vampires, zombies, cats, dogs, devils, sports heroes, doctors, and cowboys. Particularly eye catching was the fabulous facebook costume created by a young lady who told me her name was Rebecca Lindsay. Cleverly crafted to the last detail was the Mad Hatter costume made by Alicin Johnson who traveled all the way from Prince Frederick to enter the Fado contest. Alicin is a costumer by trade, who recently moved back to Maryland and is looking for opportunities to do some more design work. I wish her luck. I’d like to think I was the only one who thought of the Christine O’Donnell idea but Michelle Lathan thought of the idea also and she is younger and prettier than me, plus she wore an official looking Christine O’Donnell campaign sticker. Her husband Jim was dressed as a dumpster diver and their friends were Geppetto with his puppet Pinochio. Also worthy of mention was Sam Clark, the young man who cam as a race car “Transformer”.
Once we had taken in the sights at Fado’s, we headed down the street to Rams Head and then spent some time at Stan and Joe’s, which was packed wall to wall with party revelers. There I saw a woman swimmer swallowed by a shark. Sorry to say I didn’t catch that particular costume on camera but you can see many of the costumes mentioned and more in my slideshow. What costumes did you see? And if you have children, what kinds of costumes did they choose for 2010?

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Fun in Annapolis 2010 Costume Current Events

  1. Hi Nadja!
    I just wanted to thank you for the kind words and great photo in your blog post! I had a great time last night and it was such a pleasure meeting you, your husband, Catherine and Eric!


    Alison Johnson


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