Off to College: The P.S. to September’s Editor’s Letter

Folks who have read my September editor’s letter in What’s Up? magazine have been stopping me on the street and asking me, “So how does it feel?” It takes me a moment or two to ascertain what they are asking about… I’m not certain how to respond. They are asking me in shorthand, how doesContinue reading “Off to College: The P.S. to September’s Editor’s Letter”

Annapolis Opera Starts Their New Season

Opera is alive and well, here in the Chesapeake Bay Region. Annapolis Opera kicked off their 2010-2011 season with an impressively well attended gathering, entitled “Celebrate Opera”. Held at Wine Cellars of Annapolis on Forest Drive in Clocktower Place, I could describe the scene as “standing room only” but then again, this was a standingContinue reading “Annapolis Opera Starts Their New Season”

Annapolis Dog Walking Tradition

The start of the month, our dog Grace, a golden retriever, forgot she was a middle-aged dog and got a little too frisky chasing a small creature in our neighborhood. I don’t know whether it was a squirrel, cat, or that enigmatic fox I see lurking about at night in Murray Hill, but whatever itContinue reading “Annapolis Dog Walking Tradition”