New Mammogram Guidelines!?

In very little time, it was all over the news…..The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force,sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality under the Department of Health and Human Services, has released a new recommendation that women should not receive yearly mammograms under the age of 50, if they they have no family historyContinue reading “New Mammogram Guidelines!?”

Getting the HINI Flu Shot & Healthcare

It’s pretty frightening if you start thinking about what might happen if we had a bioterrorist attack and the entire population needed to be innoculated quickly. It wouldn’t happen in a planned and orderly manner. Those with power and connections would receive the immunization, and those without…well, it would depend on the county they liveContinue reading “Getting the HINI Flu Shot & Healthcare”

Democratic Victory in Annapolis

While Republicans may have succeeded in winning the states of New Jersey and Virginia in yesterday’s election, the Democratic party is alive and well in Annapolis. Despite citizen unrest with the large city budget and the series of difficulties that have ensued in the management of the downtown Market House (departing tenants, lawsuits, and aContinue reading “Democratic Victory in Annapolis”