The Suspense Grows re: Annapolis Mayoral Race

Folks keep asking me for the inside scoop on who I think will win the election, now that Zina Pierre pulled out of the race and the Democratic nominee is literally being selected by committee. Talking to the business community, there seems to be a lot of support and interest in the candidacy of ChrisContinue reading “The Suspense Grows re: Annapolis Mayoral Race”

Democratic Candidate for Annapolis Mayor?

For the second time, Zina Pierre is withdrawing her candidacy for Mayor of Annapolis. This time she personally announced the news in a Wednesday afternoon press conference. The stress of the campaign on herself, her business, and her family as questions continue to be raised as to her residency and her past debts, all wereContinue reading “Democratic Candidate for Annapolis Mayor?”

Annapolis Politics at the Murray Hill Picnic

Even though only one of the three candidates for city mayor chose to attend, politics peppered the subject matter of many of the conversations at last night’s Murray Hill Picnic. Clad in his bright yellow tee shirt, independent candidate Chris Fox was busy chatting up prospective supporters while other attendees talked about the prospects ofContinue reading “Annapolis Politics at the Murray Hill Picnic”

And the Winner is….

The news was not readily available in the newspaper this morning. The race was too close. Who would have thought that despite all the money invested in colorful glossy flyers, multiple mailings, and email blasts coupled with the rallies and visits by multitudes of campaign supporters standing on street corners waving signs that one ofContinue reading “And the Winner is….”

The Race for Annapolis Mayor Narrows

I picked up the newspaper this morning and learned that fellow Ward One resident, Gilbert Renault has dropped out of the race and has now endorsed Trudy McFall. Last night I was chatting with another Annapolis resident, and like myself, she is also in a quandary as to who she will ultimately vote for onContinue reading “The Race for Annapolis Mayor Narrows”

Annapolis Mayor Choice a Challenge

It was a packed house last night at the Mayoral debate sponsored by The League of Women’s Voters held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis. Despite the scheduled address by President Obama to the joint members of Congress and the nation, most seats were filled. (Perhaps many of the political junkies like myself hadContinue reading “Annapolis Mayor Choice a Challenge”

Less Coffee in Naptown

The tough economic times are certainly turning the screws on the coffee baristas around Annapolis. The other morning pressed for time we decide to walk Grace our dog to Loews Annapolis Hotel to purchase coffee at Pronto, (rather than walk all the way to City Dock) and discovered they were closed ie. evidently no longerContinue reading “Less Coffee in Naptown”

Journalistic Standards?

It’s a regular morning ritual with me; morning coffee, breakfast, and the newspaper. This morning on the front page of the Washington Post I saw and read two articles, both of which were described by my husband as “juicy”. The first one I read was about the shananagins of an enterprising radio host on radioContinue reading “Journalistic Standards?”